Korach, Wilson, and the Third Temple


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Hey Sweetest Friends -  So in honor of all the Holy Chillers around the world who are throwing down for Phish’s SPAC/July 4th run, here is a special PHISHabbat Torah!   It straddles a line between the very serious and the very lighthearted, but it does so for very deep reasons.  Because Simcha - True Joy - is the only tool that can repair the hatred and darkness that still poisons our otherwise-beautiful world. What do the Torah portion of Korach, Phish’s Wilson, Islamic terror, and the Redemption of the World have in common? Put another way, how do we turn our personal faith and joy into an antidote against the hatred and darkness, lighting up the world in loving perfection? The answer is YOU.  The answer rests within everything that hurts you when things are dark, because the only reason it hurts you is because you are so full of the repairing light!!! Give a listen to this week’s 9-minute Shu-Shine for some insight regarding how to destroy the selfish darkness of Wilson and Korach, with the shining wisdom of the original Helping Friendly Book - our Holy Torah! With Tons of love, ~Shu