LAUNCH! Ep 1: Ready to Start a Podcast for Your Business?


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Welcome to LAUNCH! In this series, I’m going to be talking all about launching a podcast. You’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for a while now… But how do you know if you’re ready? In this episode, I am breaking down how you can determine whether or not you’re ready to take on the commitment of starting your podcast! Podcasting can be very time-intensive and not to mention you want to make sure you’re assessing your readiness as it can take a lot of mental, emotional and physical capacity from you.  What’s in this episode: How to find out if you’re ready to start your podcast How a marketing podcast for your business is different than a “just for fun” podcast  What you want to consider before starting your podcast A FREE assessment you can download today! For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to Thinking of starting a podcast? Take my assessment today and start your journey at Connect with me on Instagram @wildhomepodcasting for podcasting insights and tips. Need support and accountability? Join my new Facebook group! See you in the next episode!