Lawrence M. Krauss on His life, Cosmos, ScienceVsGod, AI & more


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In this episode of "The Omvesh Show" we were honoured to have Astrophysicist Lawrence M. Krauss. Mr. Krauss is a celebrity scientist known for his work on Dark matter and theory - Universe from nothing. He was a professor at Yale University. Won prestigious Richard Dawkins award in 2016. Apart from being a popular cosmologist & author of several bestselling books, krauss starred in Hollywood movies. Mr. Lawrence M. Krauss is the only physicist to recieve top awards from all 3 US physics societies. From the elite club of intellectuals "TOS" featured one! So here is a conversation ranging on diverse topic from AI to climate crisis, Indian Spaceprojects -US immigration policy & A personal anecdote of him meeting Sir APJ Abdul Kalam:) Listen It ! --- Send in a voice message: