Laxicon003, Interview with Carl Haas, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at DePauw University | Leadership


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Carl Haas Show Notes

Coaches at the DIII level are somewhat limited in how much contact they can have with players in the off season, therefore Coach Haas utilizes his captains to help maintain contact amongst players and keep them focused on off season priorities. He meets with these captains weekly throughout the academic year to gauge where they are and help direct what needs to be happening.
Coach Haas lets the team pick the leaders.
Has his team do goal setting at the beginning of the off season. Everyone fills out an information and goal sheet:

academic goals for the year and your career
personal goals
athletic goals for each player individual and the team overall

Can’t meet with players on an athletic basis, but can on an academic one. Academic goals are checked on once a week, and with upperclassmen it happens twice a month.
Coaching is about relationships, so any investment in time with a player is like “putting a deposit in the bank”, it may not look like much at the time, but over time it builds a trusting relationship.
Coach lives by the quote; “players don’t care about what you know, until they know you care.”
In season his team attempts to set up trips or experiences for the team to share together. In 2016 for spring break they are going to head out West and play a couple of games and see the west coast. Some players have never seen the pacific coast so they will see it for the first time with their team.
Coach has a list of “non-negotiable” fundamentals that guide his teams playing style and behavior on the field. He ensures his coaches are on board and then they reinforce the standards daily. The final buy in from players comes when they see that it works.
Stresses to kids to play to the whistle, including practice or especially during practice. Players must “adapt and overcome”, and coach Haas tests this in practice all the time.
Coaching tools that Coach Haas uses

Share the play

Reference Coaches and materials that Coach Haas uses:

Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks

“are we competing everyday in everything that we do” ~Pete Carroll

Movie: Miracle

“How much are you willing to sacrifice for an unknown?” ~Herb Brooks

Always explain why to your players. Why things are important is important to getting their buy in. Players will work hard as long as they know why, they don’t need guarantees, just the “why”.

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