Lee Selman: From Camel Handler To Award-Winning Cookie Creator


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Prowess: Stories Of Leaders Who Have An Edge with Ashley Crouch


How To Live Off The Beaten Path, Add Play To Your Career, And Achieve Massive Success Are you someone who is driven but often taking the lesser-traveled road? Do you dream “out the box,” crave adventures and have a thirst for the unknown? What is stopping you from exploring the less popular but richly satisfying walks of life? In Season Two, Episode Five, Lee Selman has painted her life into a rich canvas of adventure-filled snapshots and believes you can too (if you aspire to!) Lee is the co-founder of Paleo Treats, after being a camel handler in West Africa and an expedition guide in the Sahara.  She is also an artist creating art under the name “ManRabbit.”  Lee currently runs Paleo Treats, which is the Winner Top 10 Small Businesses in the US from FedEx and also “Best Treat” from Paleo Magazine.  Listen now as Lee recounts her remarkable and impressive tales of living off the beaten path, then transitioning back to a more traditional life and later beginning her successful paleo sweets and treats business.  Tune in carefully during minutes 11-13 to hear Lee and Ashley discuss going “all in” with your significant life choices and then conversely, how to reimagine a new future after being derailed and forced to pivot your life’s path. Takeaways: -Treasure what you have and be present in your life and choices; do not move through life complacently. -Live life on your terms and effectuate to make bold choices that demonstrate your unique, soul-charging passions. -Empower yourself through learning self-defense. -Forge ahead in your business in the way that suits you best and don’t be afraid to do what others are not doing!