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Tonight's topics: -Biden wins!! --"If you're still fu**in' with Trump, I don't understand you" --Zandig is "preaching that s**t" --"The Trumpanzees say 'he's not a politician.' That's like saying 'I want to have my house built BUT I'm tired of using carpenters'" --"Donald Trump has been sent by Jesus Christ." --Drake Younger is "out of his fu**ing mind" -Thoughts on ICW --Nolan Edward: "This kid is fu**ing tough" --Akira could be "better than Mondo" -Jay Cat's Christmas list -"No part of professional wrestling during a pandemic is okay" -Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero: "One's like 60 years old, and the other one's got a di*k" -Thoughts on Alex Zayne getting signed -"How many matches on one card do you need to see gusset plates?"