055 – Lessons Learned from a Best-Selling Self-Published Author


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One of my podcast listeners asked me, "Now that your first self-published, print book has been out in the world for six months, how is it doing? What did you learn from the process of creating Will It Fly?" I thought I'd answer that question in this special episode of SPI TV and offer you guys my honest thoughts about what I learned from Will It Fly?. Will It Fly? surprised me. Though I'd been through the book writing process before with Let Go, this book required a whole new level of hard work and focus. I encountered some unexpected distribution roadblocks and production hiccups, and I was surprised by how many people became involved in the launch process. If you feel like you've got a book in you—and I believe almost everyone does—this episode is for you. I'll share all those surprising moments, unexpected challenges, successes, and lessons learned from writing Will It Fly?. Thanks so much for watching SPI TV, and be sure to subscribe (via YouTube or iTunes) to get new episodes of SPI TV delivered to you each week!