Let's Fix Football 139: ARGHentina and a Classic Reading Series


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Let's Fix Football


Hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer are back to break down everything FIFA World Cup--especially all the bad takes and hillarious news.  First, it's Burger King's absurd "did you get pregnant by a footballer? How about a burger" ad campaign. (Real thing, folks). Then they discuss Alexi Lalas' recent self-own, and Landon Donovan's Wells Fargo-sponsored shilling for the Mexican national team. (And shout out to friend of the show David Rudin for the best burn of the week--you'll have to listen to hear it) THEN they have an all-time great reading series from the very famous conservative paper of record--the National Review, folks, and they're here to tell you that, surprise surprise, soccer is bad! And it's socialism, somehow! And football has less referee involvement! Finally: Argentina's collaps, and a World Cup review.