Let's Fix Football 203: Moneyfootball ft. Jamon Moore and Om Arvind


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Let's Fix Football


People liked our talk about stats last week so much that we had to do another one. This week: we brought on Jamon Moore of American Soccer Analysis, and one of the minds behind Expected Possession Goals (xPG) to break down the new cutting edge of soccer analysis. Om Arvind joins hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer -- and they break down how analytics can help make the experience of wathcing soccer more fun, and what the new era of analytics means for the casual fan. Jamon walks us through the intricacies of xPG (and some of the other stats he and his colleagues at ASA are working on), and helps explain how it allows fans and pundits to get a deeper understanding of how teams play, and how individuals within the team play. They discuss how xPG can help analysts visualize and quantify the style a team plays--and whether the style they want to play lines up with how they actually play. Then, Gabe, Om and Evan talk about ex-Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón having an extremely normal one, and break down Gabe's article about Real Madrid's nonexistant women's team (and the super regular response to it).