Let's Fix Football: World Cup, Piers Morgan and Neymar's Dad?


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Let's Fix Football


Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer signed James Rushton in the offseason to be a new host for LFF. We think it's a strong signing, good value overall, and that the fans will have to be pleased with the overall increase in quality on the pitch.  Oh ffs, this week we're back, we're talking WWC, and some intense, real takes about gender discrimination and pay disparity and why investing in the women's game is a smart move (and also, the women's game is awesome in general).  And then of course we're bringing back your favorite characters from last season! We're talking:  Alexi Lalas is on one about VAR! Piers Morgan picking a fight with Megan Rapinoe!Neymar fleeing PSG to an institutional club because of all the crimes!Antoine Griezmann being a fucking weirdo! Like really weird! Enjoy folks!