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I'm Philip Holden and this is Ideas in Writing - the podcast where we talk to people who use words, about words, using words ...and dispose of them like there's no tomorrow. The guests bring along a word and so do I...and if that's not a copper-bottomed format, I don't know what is...In this episode, I spoke with the journalist, LBC broadcaster and author, James O’Brien about his latest book How Not to be Wrong, the art of changing your mind.James brought along the word footballification which screws up the dictionary link I usually put here so I've linked to tribalism instead. Maybe we can start a campaign to get footballification into the OED. My word was lies. You can probably see the connection.James and I chatted about the events in Washington and how and why liars prosper and how we got to this sorry state. We also talked about his approach to writing his books, his upbringing in a loving adopted family and, what he calls, the 'golden ticket' of an expensive, private education. We also talked about his experience of therapy, and how you go about challenging long-held views Ideas in Writing is produced with the support of Mr Books Bookshop in Tonbridge - the home of inspiring, imaginative and intelligent books, gifts and conversation. They're on Twitter too @mrbooks_ton. But most importantly of all, you can visit them (in the lovely market town of Tonbridge in Kent) for a browse any Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm...assuming there isn't a lockdown...  CREDITS & linksYou can click here to order a copy of James’ How to be Right, in a world gone wrong and click here for a copy of How Not to be Wrong, the art of changing your mind (though it’s briefly out of stock).If you’d like a signed copy for £9.99, please email us or use the enquiry form on the Mr Books website.We briefly mentioned Dorothy Rowe’s book Why We Lie which you can order at Mr Books and James also mentioned John Rawls in passing who wrote A Theory of Justice and about whom there are lots of books written just go here and search.Don't forget to subscribe for new episodes coming up.Ideas in Writing is recorded and produced by Philip Holden using Zencastr and Acast.comThe Ideas in Writing theme "Farting Around" is by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License "Light Easy March" sting is by this show See for privacy and opt-out information.