Life Changing Habits To Create More Freedom And Live Your Best Life


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Addiction Unlimited Podcast | Alcoholism | Life Coach | Living Sober | 12 Steps


Success stories tell-all. I love hearing what other people are up to and how they build the amazing lives they are living. It's like a secret glimpse into the lifestyles of the sober and infamous ? In today's episode I reached out to a few of my friends and peers and asked them to share their #1 habit for building successful sobriety and enjoying life. I'm talking about names you know in the sober world- Jarrod Collier, Jenn Kautsch, and Brock Bevell. I was curious to know what habit really mattered and made a difference when it came to making lifestyle changes like... quitting drinking. Because really, none of us needs to reinvent the wheel here! We can use each other's knowledge and experience to start building our own killer habits. I love to keep it simple! Join us in the Facebook group here!