Liking the Chip on Your Shoulder - Cliff Skelliter


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Happy New Year's Eve and welcome to this week's episode of Sudbury Stories- your feel-good news of Sudbury! Today, David is joined by Cliff Skellieter! Cliff is a branding expert, founder of LaunchPad Creative, has a degree in New Media from Laurentian University, experience in videography from CTV news, and does work for the Sudbury 5, Sudbury Wolves, and City of Sudbury! He's clearly very involved in the community and he's here to tell you all about his experiences with a lot of enthusiasm (which is really what you want in a good storyteller)! So, tune in and get ready to learn about how the 5 got their name, how gova came to be, and what exactly "robot mode" is! Cliff's Instagram: @cliffnotes Be sure to like, subscribe, share, comment, download and all that jazz! Your support is continuously appreciated!