Lisa Welchman: Digital Governance – Episode 102


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Lisa Welchman Lisa Welchman recognized early in her career that companies would need help managing the business challenges that come with new technologies. In the ensuing 22 years, she has become the leading expert in the new field of digital governance. Today, Lisa helps large enterprises, NGOs, and other companies develop frameworks, policies, and standards that let them collaborate effectively and operate responsibly. We talked about: her education as a philosopher and how logic and coding were a good professional fit her early work as a front-end web developer at Netscape and Cisco how the "back-pocket skills" she had cultivated earlier in her career helped her succeed in web business her focus on organizational dynamics the difference between understanding technology and managing it as close as you'll ever get to getting a definition of digital governance from her: "creating a collaboration model so that people can intentionally build something together" one of the big challenges of doing governance work: the lack of a common understanding of it across organizations the importance of agreeing on a defintion of "digital governance" before implementing it why she would rather see digital governance capability embedded across and within an organization than ensconced in a silo-ed role like Chief Digital Officer the difference in governance needs between legacy businesses and digital-first businesses how digital-first companies can be immature as business entity even as they use the latest technology how mature legacy organization can often more quickly implement governance frameworks, policies, and standards the maturity curve that she uses to help companies identify where they are in their digital growth a simple accounting method for digital governance how to create a basic governance framework the challenges of integrating digital governance into any kind of organization her gentle reminder to folks who are feeling challenged at work right now: don't get discouraged and "do the best work where you can" Lisa's bio For the over two decades, leaders of global 1000 companies, NGOs, and other organizations have turned to Lisa to analyze and solve their digital governance challenges. Lisa speaks globally on issues related to digital governance, digital safety, and the path to digital maturity in the enterprise. Lisa is the author of Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design, and co-host of the Surfacing podcast. Connect with Lisa online LinkedIn Video Here’s the video version of our conversation: Podcast intro transcript This is the Content Strategy Insights podcast, episode number 102. There's a big disconnect in many businesses between how well they apply the power of technology and how well they manage their use of it. Governance is the management practice that gives you the frameworks, policies, and standards to make sure that you and your team collaborate effectively and that you're using technology responsibly and ethically. Lisa Welchman is one of the world's leading authorities on this important digital business practice. Interview transcript Larry: Hi, everyone. Welcome to episode number 102 of the Content Strategy Insights podcast. I'm really happy today to have with us Lisa Welchman. Lisa is a speaker, consultant, and coach, and works in the area of digital governance, which is what we're going to talk about today. So, welcome, Lisa. Tell the folks a little bit more about your background and how you got into digital governance. Lisa: Sure. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. I have a kind of interesting background. I was a philosophy major at university, spent a lot of time working with symbolic logic, which is the same thing as code logically in your head. I've always had a affinity for structure. That was in the late eighties when the web sort of ...