Listen to Your Customers to be Successful. See How Gary Eisenstein Transformed his Business Time And Time Again!


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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey


What are two business skills you need as an entrepreneur? Finding a niche and adjusting to customer needs. Listen to today’s show to hear examples of this from Gary Eisenstein. Gary is the CEO and founder of Falcon Software and CMSC Media. Learn from Gary’s stories and experience as he created businesses that met the needs of his clients. Find out how you can use flexibility to your advantage!   “The I.T. world always seems to provide new opportunities for us to capitalize on.” -Gary Eisenstein Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Overcast PodBean TuneIn Radio   Timestamps: 0:54 - How Gary went from an AV consulting company to a wire and cable consulting firm, eventually developing a catalog for his customers 4:28 - The problem with Gary’s business: How Gary learned to find untapped resources and adjust to the needs of customers 7:50 - Leverage your entrepreneurial spirit! Why Gary decided to sell his already successful business and pursue a more risky route 12:56 - Why the service-based model became Gary’s ideal business model 14:46 - Going from a catalog software service company to a website design company: Why Gary’s adaptability gave him an edge in the niche he entered 18:04 - The key component to business that you need to listen to in order to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your niche 20:48 - Transforming a monthly blog poll to a daily industry news portal site and how CMSC Media has grown to regular record-setting success 24:45 - What you can do to listen to your customers more closely and create a product that caters to their needs   Connect with Gary: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Falcon Software CMSC Media   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn