Little Hearts


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Of Secrets, Nature ... and ... of my Cats


For the audio Podcast of this poem, click below on title in bold: LITTLE HEARTSYou can also get this Podcast from iTunes!Little Hearts is a poem that honors all the cats in my life. Although I also love dogs and animals in general, something about cats has always spoken to me. My cat friends seem to both enjoy and love me while retaining a certain wildness to their nature. In some ways, it is as if Nature Itself comes to sit with me awhile, perhaps to commune with me that we might enjoy each other's presence. I hope there shall always be cats in my life because, for me, it is like having a certain amount of Nature always surrounding me. Being with me, watching me.For a pdf file for the words of this poem click here: LittleHearts.pdfTo contact me, you may email me at:,or visit my WebSite at: www.EldritchTradition.comIf you'd like to Subscribe to this Feed at Feedburner, click on image below: