Living As An Empath


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Hey Peacekeepers! Welcome back to another episode! (Can you believe we’ve been at this for a whole year?!) I love you guys so much and cannot express my gratitude towards you! Thanks for all you do! Today we discuss signs and way to help cope with being an empath in this life! Hold onto cuz you’re about to here A LOT of yelling lol! With all my love and peaceCindy Marie <3 Sponsors: Prevention Hotline:Call: 800-273-8255Chat: Resources: to Help Vanessa Guillen Family to Help with BLM. to Help with DACA. Abuse Hot Line: txt LOVEIS to 1-866-331-9474Remember your not ALONE.Host: Cindy MarieEmail: Peacepassionsarepeace@gmail.comIG: CindyMarie1116PassionsArePeacePodcastIG: @sad._.sanninSupport the show (