Living in the Era of Social Media


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The screen time and technology debate. How much is too much screen time? Join us for a conversation between Terri and Gila: Two women’s opinions not backed by studies (for the most part). The impact of technology on our lives is big and often millennials (and the kids being raised in this technology era) are given a bad rep for their “overuse” of technology and how much we rely on it. We talk about numerous things surrounding technology: The app culture and communicating on numerous apps. Social media and how much time we spend on it. How much time our kids spend on apps and in front of screens and establishing boundaries that work for us. We talk about the many benefits of technology: keeping families and friends connected around the world. For moms especially, we found making mom friends through social media has had a positive impact. Our lives are better with the people we have connected with online – who we can talk to about our lives and struggles – someone who knows us but doesn’t know us in the day to day – that’s something technology has allowed us to do – enabling a supportive online mom community that would not have been possible without the social media apps we are on. We also discuss rules and setting boundaries at home with technology use. Gila shares with us how her family unplugs from technology completely once a week for 25 hours on the weekend due to religious reasons and the discipline and benefits that come with it are powerful. Listen to the podcast and check out Gila’s blog over at she has a lot of great articles that you would find valuable and relatable. And follow her on social media – she hangs out a lot on Instagram: Follow us on social media – we are active on Instagram and Twitter: Check out our website – more coming on it soon!