Love of the Links, Season 4, Episode 2...Guests, Deb and Erica Bennett, ORCA Golf


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Love of the Links was very excited to have Deb and Erica Bennett, Founders of ORCA Golf, on the show this past week for our second installment of season 4.  ORCA Golf represents more than just the beautiful custom golf bags they create for everyday golfers. They have made it their mission to help pave the way for future generations and make the golfing community more inclusive, empowered, and sustainable. Deb and Erica know that the golf industry doesn’t need just another company to produce a product… it needs one which is interested in changing the game and opening a gateway for a more expanded vision of what it means to be a golfer. Yes, ORCA Golf has beautiful, bespoke bags...but they also have a revolutionary stance.