LP To UP Michigan DIY Hunt W: David Sponhauer


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On this episode we sit down and chat with David Sponhauer. David is a bear hunter that lives in the Grand Rapids, MI that did a DIY bear hunt up in the central Upper Peninsula last season, and was successful in harvesting the monster bear in the photo. We pick his brain about all the planning and strategy that went into his hunt from such a long distance away. You do not want to miss this would you’re a DIY bear hunter. If you like this podcast, please consider helping us bring you the best bear hunting content possible by becoming a Patreon supporter of this podcast. Link here. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=27959620 For some incredible Bear Attractants, check out Bait Em 907 Bear Attractants: baitem907.com/index.html Use Code "BHP15" at checkout to get 15% off attractants at Bait Em 907. Questions/Comments: bearhuntingpodcast@gmail.com facebook.com/bearhuntingpodcast instagram.com/bearhuntingpodcast