Lunchtime Rants Ep.4 - The 305 Episode


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Lunchtime Rants


In the fourth episode of Lunchtime Rants hosted by Carmen and Lourdes we talk about all things Miami! Topics include our love of pastelitos and Iron Beer, everyone and their abuela having a fruit tree in their backyard, 2 Live Crew’s recently announced 2015 world tour, booty music, Uncle Luke’s mayoral campaign and the difference between cafecito and espresso. Lourdes chooses the guy that played Luis Mendoza in D2: Mighty Ducks as her man meat of the week, while Carmen chooses lover of Miami women (since he married one), Matt Damon! Plus, chitter chatter about Pitbull’s humble beginnings, the Miami Heat, King of Diamonds, Steven Bauer/Rocky Echevarria/Manolo/Joe Peña y mucho mas!