Made Me Watch: Summer House "Double Standard"


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Leah has a special guest star, Samantha, to discuss all things Summer House and the Hamptons. Well, at least that was the plan instead we talked about it a little and then went squirrel mode for most of the episode. We talk wardrobes, who we would ax from the show if we had the power, and the visit of the Vanderpump cast. We talk more about Vanderpump than we do about Summer House, but hey, it's the cross over episode. We also critique cameo and Carl's awkward one Leah sent to Samantha. We talk about cast members we could do without being on our TV, ones that should be brought back, and Montauk Culture. Samantha spent half the episode trying to figure out where they shot certain scenes and fast forward to posting this episode: she was right. Cast instagram posts prove they were both at Southhampton Social House and Dockers (or something - I'm not from the area I don't remember.) Bonus Content: Samantha lecturing Leah about her love of contracts. As always, please rate & subscribe. Suggestions, or any comments can be sent to our email Social Media Links: twitter: mademewatchpod instagram: mademewatch email: facebook: