Make More Time with 4 These Keys to Productivity


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Productivity Secrets for Busy Moms

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In this episode, Vanessa speaks to all busy moms like herself about the importance of making time for themselves to do the things that make them happy. Now the joy of being a mother is a blessing, but there’s so much more that comes with it, and sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to get everything done which is why throughout these next episodes Vanessa will share 4 pillars of productive motherhood that will help you become supermom and still have the time to do what makes YOU happy   In this Episode- What is a productive mom?  Learning how to make time for yourself and what you will do with that time to take advantage of it Keep your WHY even when things don't go your way What does POPS stand for? And how to implement those 4 pillars into your busy mom life What to expect from future episodes and how to stay connected with other moms  Connect with Vanessa-  Facebook Group- ( Facebook- @VanessaJLouisPodcast Want to be a guest on the show? Email Vanessa at