Making The Holidays Easier


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This week on the podcast I am going solo and kicking off the holiday season with our first holiday episode of this year. We're diving straight into the holidays and I'm sharing some great tips on making the holidays as stress free as possible. Some of the topics we cover are setting priorities and expectations up front and having conversations around what is important to you and your family. We talk about how scheduling can make a positive difference towards everything you have to get done from now to the end of the season - from events to decor. We talk about what to do when everyone wants to get toys for the kids and helping kids set realistic expectations around gift giving especially with Santa Claus. I share my one strong opinion about Santa Claus and why I want others to adopt it and lastly share some great tips on being cost effective and organized with your holiday shopping.  Tune in and check out all the great tips! Blog to follow this on Friday. Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the podcast - and share with someone you know!