Marie Schley, Costume Designer “And The Emmy Goes To"


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My guest today is Emmy Award winning costume designer, Marie Schley. Marie found her love through her first showbiz gig, which happened to be returning clothes to stores from a production that had wrapped. She explains how she connects her (seemingly unrelated) college degree relates to her design job, and she shares advice on how to get started in the costume biz. I asked Marie who she works most with on set, and she walks me through who she deals with from the first day of production meetings to the very end of production. I was absolutely blown away to learn the ENORMITY of her job! I've always respected everyone on set of any production, but after this interview, this job might be the most intensely detailed of any I’ve ever heard. AND if you are a performer, it will make you want to hang your costume back up in your trailer before you leave set. I hope you enjoy my chat with Marie Schley.