MatchDayReview #133: Burnley's Takeover Trouble, Luke Shaw Vs Referees, and Just Referees in General


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It seems the standard of refereeing in the Premier League is getting worse by the week. This week is no different with Lee Mason making quite possibly the worst refereeing decision ever in English football. Despite their refereeing bad luck however, Brighton really didn't help themselves when it came to taking their chances, missing 2 penalties. Elsewhere in the refereeing world Luke Shaw relays what a ref says on the pitch and now faces a ban, not Stuart Atwell for actually saying it, but Luke Shaw for repeating it. I know right, I don't get it either. And finally is all not well at Burnley, it certainly wasn't against Tottenham, and could they be sucked into the relegation zone, which could then be the least of their troubles. (I hate that we have to talk about the refs so much, but if they will keep messing up. Anyway, enjoy!)