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What is the one commonality of successful people in eCommerce?If one person would have the perfect answer to this question, then it’s my guest today. Matt Frew is the CEO of ShipZoom, a fulfillment business. Over the last 15 years, he has worked with many entrepreneurs to fulfill their orders. He has seen why people fail or succeed in ecommerce. He advises entrepreneurs getting into ecommerce to focus on one product till it gets to one million dollars in revenue before launching the next product.But this is not all that we talk about in this lively conversation. We also cover: The future of eCommerceWhy relationships matter in businessThe rubber band effectThe joys of testing products for eComAnd much moreTune in and get valuable insights into the ecommerce industry from a fulfillment center insider who has seen what works and what fails. Key Takeaways- How Shipzoom works (04:58)- Relationships matter in business (06:32)- Significant changes happening in the shipping industry (10:02)- The rubber band effect (13:49)- Are you ready for the future of eCommerce (15:58)- The commonality of successful people in ecommerce (18:05)- The joys of testing products for ecommerce (24:39) Additional Resources Learn more about Shipzoom  here Connect with Matt Frew on InstagramHusband in Law Podcast Connect with Husband in Law on Instagram-------You can find the transcripts and more at http://bizninjaradio.comBe sure to follow me on Instagram @bizninja---Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, YouTube, or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts.If you haven't already, please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!