Meds or No Meds, that is the question! A Deep Talk on #ADHD Medication


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She Said He Said - an ADHD relationship


ADHD medication is probably one of the most controversial topics. Once upon a time, we swore we would never use "drugs" to treat his ADHD. But, things have changed, a lot. In this episode, we go in deep to share our research on ADHD drugs, why we did not want to use them, and how we changed our minds later on.  We will cover the pros and cons of using ADHD medications, expectation, reputation, effect, and of course drug abuse issues. We also cover how to get a prescription, and how to save money on buying medications.  This is definitely an episode you do not want to miss. And, highly recommend you share with your ADHD friends or life partner to an ADHD.  Tweet us: @ADDrelationship