Meet Liz Scobie of the West End Festival Glasgow


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Meet Liz Scobie, chair of the West End Festival. On the exciting day the hotly anticipated 2015 festival programme was unveiled, listen to Liz as she goes through some of the highlight events happening this June, starting of course with the parade on 5th June which will be the largest of its kind in the UK you'll experience outside London. This year's parade theme is "bloom", taking into account that this seeming juggernaut of a festival is turing 20 years old. I say "juggernaut" as it's been such a success in Glasgow that over the years it's become a fixture we all just tend to take for granted. In this interview, however, Liz explains why it's not as permanent as you might think, and that the organisers are so thankful for all the continued support, funding, energy and volunteering that helps them get over the line every year. She talks about the hard work behind the scenes that doesn't get much notice beyond the gloss of the world class programme, and why it was felt necessary to run the fundraising spectacular Electric Gardens in the Botanics earlier this year. So volunteer if you can, get along to as many events as you can, and help ensure that the west end festival continues to bloom in the coming years. Summer in the west end can't come soon enough!