Michael G Stanton - Bold Gold Media / Shower for Charity


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Michael grew up in Northeast PA and early in life he began working at local radio stations.  Eventually he made his way to 95.3 DNH where he worked for years before heading to the NY metro area to work for much larger stations including Radio Disney.  Michael couldn't stay away long, and he returned to NEPA and Bold Gold Media Group where he now works as General Manager and Market Manager for the NEPA region.   Early in life, Michael had a hare-brained idea for a fund raiser that he pitched, and moved forward with.  That fundraiser has grown into an incredible venue for donations to support area children on Christmas.  Michael stands in a claw-foot tub on Main Street in Honesdale and showers for hours at a time until a goal of $20,000 in donations is reached.  This year Michael will once again take a shower for charity and he explains how the process will work.