Mindset Matters - Trap 2: Procrastination


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Morning Motivation


As our Mindset Matter series continues, we delve into procrastination. It's the whole idea of putting something off until…never. Often, procrastination is the symptom of something larger. We don't put off tasks just for the sake of not doing them. Most of us know our delay is hurting us but put tasks off anyway. Why do we do it? There's a deeper reason.In this podcast, I'll talk about what might be behind your procrastination, share what was behind mine and give you five tips to help you move from inaction to action. Note, this first appeared in my newsletter, so you'll hear reference to that in the audio. Want to subscribe? Click here: http://inspiredmarketinginc.com/JV/Want to work through this one-on-one? Book time with me online: http://www.inspiredmarketinginc.com Need additional support? Join my Facebook community for women entrepreneurs: https://bit.ly/BecomeYourOwnCEO