Mindset Matters: Trap 3 - Fear


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Morning Motivation


Welcome! This is the third episode in the Mindset Matters series. In it, we’ve been tackling those mindset traps that can hinder the growth of our businesses. First, we talked about lack of confidence. Then we took on procrastination. This time, we delve into something a little deeper: fear. I’m going to cover five types of fear that you’ll have to push through as an entrepreneur in order to grow yourself and your business. Specifically, I'll cover these five fears.1. Fear of failure2. Fear of rejection3. Fear of success4. Fear of letting go5. Fear of leaving others behindYour clients are out there waiting for you. There are people who need what you have to offer so they can get closer to their own goals. While you may not completely get over your fears, you can push through them, get out there and serve.Thank you to everyone who’s given feedback on the Mindset Matters series so far. I appreciate you and your thoughts. One thing I’ve heard several times is that you’d like a way to keep track of all the mind traps I’ve shared as well as the tips to move past them. Well, I’ve got something special for you next week. I’ll be releasing a companion guide, complete with text transcripts, quick links to each audio lesson, prompts to get you to dig deeper and more. I’ll share the link with you next week, so make sure you tune in or subscribe to get notified when the next podcast is available.Want to work through this one-on-one? Book time with me online: http://www.inspiredmarketinginc.comWant to access the pricing class I shared during this podcast: http://bit.ly/getthepriceright