Money Thoughts from Las Vegas, Driving Old Cars and Hanging Doors


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Budgeting Redefined


Introduction: Dan and Drew are back behind them mic and today they’re talking about Dan’s recent anniversary trip to Las Vegas, the coronavirus, and what it would take for him to buy a new car. Meanwhile, Drew talks about how the gambling gods got theirs after all, his adventures with home improvement, and how “easy” hanging doors can be. Talking Points: Dan’s anniversary trip to Las Vegas Money and Vegas At what point would you buy a new car? Coronavirus  Gambling Dan’s experience with slots Drew’s poker story Drew’s “Why’d You Buy That” for the week: Doors, et al Home improvement costs Literati: a subscriptions service for kids books Resources/Links: Literati Books Weekly Budgeting App Quotes from this episode:  “And I decide not to bet at all unless I have a sure thing because the antes (at least the first ones) are not so big as to where they’ll knock you out.” – Drew, on poker “I feel very rich driving an old car. I feel like I have no car payments. If something breaks it’s not a problem. We can get it fixed. If the whole car dies and I need to get a new car, it’s not the end of the world.” – Dan “So that’s a business idea for somebody. Make doors with pre-hinge templates; they’ll fly off the shelves!” – Drew “We’re trying to simplify budgeting so you can budget a little less and spend a little more time living life.” – Dan