MoolahWisdom#1: Start early with savings and investments


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Moolah Talks - Financial freedom for women


Ready to elevate your financial game? Brace for some Moolah Wisdom! 

In the very first episode of the series, Meeta Gupta gets chatting with the guest co-host, Jermina Menon, a retail marketing specialist turned investor as she walks us through her personal journey with money, starting from the age of 18. She takes us back to the 80s, sharing anecdotes about her initial steps in saving and investing as a young girl and highlighting why it was vital for her to have extra cash for her needs and wants. 

We also delve into the significance of saving at least 10% of your income – a simple yet powerful step towards financial stability.  

We then shift gears to the topic of financial goals, a cornerstone of sound wealth management. Jermina underscores how clear financial objectives can turbocharge our savings and investment outcomes. More than that, she stresses the essence of focus and consistency in our wealth-building journey. 

But the golden nuggets don’t end there! As we round up our chat, we engage in a spirited discussion about the hallmarks of financial success – having a solid financial plan, starting early, and exercising patience with our money. 

If you're looking to demystify finance, create happy money and build a better future, this episode is a must-listen!

**Moolah Wisdom series is brough to you by Moolah for Women a financial and empowerment platform for women that makes finance simple, fun, and easy to understand, irrespective of the age, background, and geography.

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