Morality ... YES OR NO!?!?!


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Yakuza Kick Radio


New episode of Yakuza Kick Radio! Tonight: -Joey Ryan runs a charity show —“The wrestling business is full of complete fu**ing dirtbags” -Exploding Barbed-Wire -Will Markus Crane return? —“Probably ... because he’s fu**ing stupid” -Cookie Guy —“He‘a just a fu**ing weirdo” -Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral —“You’re making a problem out of something that wasn’t a problem” —“Outrage for no fu**ing reason” -Texas is over Coronavirus!! —“We asked God and He said we can do what we want” -Colin West —Incident in On Point —“This guys a fu**ing pedophile” —“I don’t wanna hear about what happened to you as a teenager” —“I hope 25 more dudes victimize you in prison” —“You either have morals or you don’t”