MP051 – “Break” [Paranormal Horror] by Matt Cummins


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In MP051 – “Break,” college student Claire’s life is disrupted by a sudden psychotic break. As she learns to deal with her new reality, there is one hallucination that stands out from the others, the grizzled old man with the elk antler cane. Matt Cummins brings you paranormal horror of psychiatric decline. But first, what has Patrick McGannon, paranormal investigator turned preserved head-in-a-jar, been up to while Matt and Bret were on their quest to find Stephen King? Who (or what) is Cassiopeia? Monsterbators, drop your email at to get our newsletter and additional content including the MP digital magazine! If you enjoyed this episode of Monster Porn: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast, please make sure that you’re subscribed and please consider leaving MP a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Thanks for listening, monsterbators! Music:“The Zahir (Monster Porn Podcast Theme)” by Bret Norwood“Spookster” by Wayne Jones (as Patrick McGannon, PI Theme)“Gloam” and “Saint Doubt” by Bret Norwood