My Favourite Productivity Hacks


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Her Balanced Business Podcast


  In episode 7 Kim shares 5 time management and productivity hacks to help you be more effective without burning out.    Invest just half an hour today to tune in so you can get back on top of your growing 'to do' list and start creating more free time with less guilt.   To improve focus and boost your productivity, click here to access the 'Noisli' tool Kim mentioned in this episode.   About Kim: Kim Sprague is a Certified Coach and Founder on a mission to help busy working women and entrepreneurs to create more balance in their life and business.   Kim left an 11 year career as a corporate communications leader, after training to become a Yoga Teacher in 2016 and later with the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy (AC).  She has balanced a wellness side hustle, busy job and London lifestyle; quit her job without one to go to, and has consciously created a balanced life as a Coach, founder and Mum.   Kim is passionate about holding space for women - away from their busy careers, social lives and families - to intuitively guide them and support them to find clarity, power and balance.   For more information, free resources or to work with Kim Sprague visit her website here. To discuss this episode with other female founders, leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs, join the Free Her Balanced Business online community here.