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Nadine Robinson is an international bestselling author, expert in women's holistic health, an exceptional energy healer, and gifted navigator of life. She is the author of The Holistic Entrepreneur, available on Amazon. Learn more at and find her on Instagram @peacehealing wellness.Find Nadine's book on Amazon: Launch and Growth Course (Spring 2022: TBA)The course is a 16-week online and interactive course that includes detailed online modules and templates, 16 live group coaching calls, an interactive Facebook group, and a built-in support team and mastermind group for your podcast! In addition to tons of valuable content created by Laura, there will be many guest experts and teachers sharing their knowledge and experience on getting sponsors, growing your audience, creating engaged and supportive fans, monetization strategies, and more!Regular $4444 now through February 4th.Late registration $5555 now through course start.Includes 16-week course, plus a podcasting mic and headset, bonus goodies, and a class celebration party (in person if possible) ?If you are interested in joining, email us at or visit to sign up!Woo Woo Mastermind - Spring 2022In this 10-month program, participants will learn how to uplevel their life and business with others in this like-minded, woo woo community! The program will consist of 3 - 4 monthly calls including:• One Instructional Call with an Inspiring Guest Instructor.• One Instructional/Woo Woo Session taught by Laura (Some Psychic Content and Some Business Content).• One Group Coaching Call to Answer Questions and Support Each Other as Group.• Bonus TBA ContentIt's not too late to take advantage of early bird pricing! Visit to learn more and sign up.For more information about Laura and her work you can go to her website or find her on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook at @realhealingpowers and @mllelaura, and on Instagram and TikTok @laurapowers44.