NBA Trades and Rumors, NFL Team Logos and Flatulence? (Episode 30)


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Any time you stick three guys in a room together, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to weave its way toward farts. The hosts of the Four3Forty Sports Podcast are no exception, as they tell their flatulence horror stories for all to hear. Then, since it is a sports podcast, the boys jump into NBA trade talk, possible NFL rule changes, whose hatred for Tom Brady got him fired, people with way too much money buying tickets to the Super Bowl, more Harden streak chat, the Curry brothers and the future of cash in sports stadiums. Finally, to guys get to the bottom of the age old question. Which NFL team has the best logo? Is it your team? Listen to find out! Four3Forty Sports Podcast is a show by fans for fans who want to learn about the world of sports wagering while being thoroughly entertained.   (21:44) This Week in Sports Anthony Davis trade rumors Davis fined $50,000 for public trade demand Will Davis end up on the Lakers? What other teams could Davis end up on? Knicks trade Porzingis and 3 others to Mavericks for DeAndre and 2 others Who won this trade? NFL considering “Judgement Challenge” for controversial calls Pittsburgh TV station employee fired for “Tom Brady, Known Cheater” graphic. Most expensive tickets sold for Super Bowl LIII Harden’s 30+ point scoring streak extends to 24… Brothers Steph and Seth Curry will be going head-to-head in NBA All-star 3 Point Contest Are Cashless Sports Stadiums the wave of the future? (1:04:52) NFL Team Logo Bracket Tournament Challenge With it being Super Bowl week the guys decide to do a March Madness Style Tournament with the NFL Team Logos Which team has the best logo in the NFL?  (1:23:44) NFL Super Bowl ATS Picks   Referenced Material Articles (See Links Above) The Score Action Network   Find Us At Website: Twitter: @f3fsports Facebook: Four3Forty Sports Instagram: Four3Forty Sports Don’t forget to subscribe to the show through your podcast player of choice!