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Yakuza Kick Radio


Check out the latest Yakuza Kick Radio! Topics include: -Chris Dickinson in NJPW -TJ and Friends —“... knucklehead, stupid, a**hole sh*t” -Austin Aries  —“Eat a fu**ing d**k” -“This TV version of deathmatch wrestling ...” -The Muppet Show is offensive? -“The most important thing in life is to get the f**k back home to your family” -Balki on the court -“This Tekashi 69 dude ... why hasn’t he died yet?” -Teddy Hart in jail again —“I hate continuing to hear that he’s alive” -Frankie Pickard: Grizzled ring veteran —“I don’t think being a shi**y wrestler for a bunch of years should make you a ‘veteran’”