YKR: Non-Toxic Edition


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Yakuza Kick Radio


Yakuza's back!! Tonight ... -“S**t’s been crazy” -Thoughts on Spring Break (Gage vs Mox?) -Teddy Hart shows up —and gets kicked out —“Somebody please book Justin Kyle vs Teddy ... or John Wayne Murdoch” —Dickinson takes a picture with Teddy ... and apologizes —“You can’t claim to have a non-toxic environment if Teddy Hart is any way shape or form allowed in that environment” —“We’re almost done with this co**sucker” -“Danny Demanto is the NY DJ Hyde” -“This Justin Kyle’s a bad motherfu**er” -TJ & Friends —“Brett’s paying me to film you!!” —Time for another Go Fund Me -DMX dies —“Good” —“That music is fu**ing hot, but f**k that dude” -Pepper Plant Plans -Does pineapple belong on pizza? -“It’s time to bring this popcorn game to a new level” -“Who the f**k’s list is Bert making of you take him away from fu**ing Ernie?!?!?” —“Elmo’s a go**amn superstar!”