NFL Regular Season Prediction Recap, What really happened in the Eagles @ Bears Game and Kids Say the Darndest Things… (Episode 27)


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As two of the three hosts are dads, they couldn’t help but share some of the stories of what their kids have told them recently. Hint, a couple naughty words, such as “butt” may have been said. After you get your fill of cute kid comments, the guys jump right into discussions about Clemson’s National Title victory, the Bears kicker and his double doink, which new NFL coach hires are good and bad and how long will Harden’s 30+ point streak continue? You’ll also get a deep dive into the happenings of the Wild Card game between the Eagles and the Bears followed by a breakdown of how the boys have done on their various predictions and bets over the course of the NFL season? Who is a genius and who needs to go back to football school? Don’t miss out on all the craziness that ensues on this episode for the Four3Forty Sports Podcast! Four3Forty Sports Podcast is a show by fans for fans who want to learn about the world of sports wagering while being thoroughly entertained.   (19:02) This Week in Sports Clemson wins the NCAAF National Championship Game. Where does this loss stack up with Nick Saban’s other losses? Bears kicker Cody Parkey misses game winning field goal in epic fashion. Many NFL coaches were fired, but now many have been hired. Who is the best and worst of the new crop? James Harden has scored 32 or more points for 14 consecutive games. Is he getting close to a record?  (47:22) Erroneous Endings NFL misleading final scores Eagles @ Bears Recap (53:27) NFL Season Long Predictions Recap The guys go over predictions and bets made before the NFL season started to see how they did. Were they oracles or frauds? Bold Prediction Results Host vs. Host Wager Results 2018 NFL Team Win Prediction Results What lessons were learned from these exercises, now that the season is over? (1:23:17) NFL Divisional Round ATS Picks   Referenced Material Podcasts Fantasy Footballers   Find Us At Website: Twitter: @f3fsports Facebook: Four3Forty Sports Instagram: Four3Forty Sports Don’t forget to subscribe to the show through your podcast player of choice!