Nick Andrew On Making: I AM WOLF (233)


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Nick Andrew, a 27 year old filmmaker, is determined to make a feature length documentary titled: I AM WOLF: Lifeblood Of The American Wild. It's an ambitious project that both he and his wife, Bekah, are passionate about. There's one big problem, though. They don't have enough money, Nick's computer gear is old and outdated, and his filmmaking equipment is basic. Will limited funds and basic equipment stop Nick and Bekah from telling the story of the American wolf? This is Nick's story of setting out to produce a feature length documentary of lofty creative aspirations on a barebones budget. Mentioned in this episode: I AM WOLF movie website: I AM WOLF on Indiegogo: This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop - Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X Plugins: - Uncage Your Creativity. You bring the vision - we bring the stock video, images, and audio. Start your free 7 day trial today. Go to About the Artful Camera: Website: Instagram: @Artful.Camera Send an email or voicemail to Artful Camera: Disclaimer: some links referenced in the show notes are affiliate links. The use of affiliate links do not affect the price you pay. Artful Camera earns a small commission from each sale which help offset some of the costs involved in producing this podcast. Thank you for your support.