No, Do Speak Ill of the Dead


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What a Hell of a Way to Die

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DadChat ends at 13:25!   This week, Nate and Francis discuss the recent death of Colin Powell, the first Black American to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the man who lent his reputation to sell the Iraq War more than any other politician. We argue that you should in fact judge him for this, immediately, because he failed the moral test of his lifetime. We also discuss a recent Washington Post story that seems to imply America might also ‘send the Army in’ to solve supply chain issues, except no one actually thinks it will happen. Get the story here:   For this week’s bonus, Francis, Joe, and Shocks discuss the strange case of Marine LTC Stuart Scheller and his relentless desire to post. Is it a good idea to be pro-se defendant in a UCMJ court? Is it a good idea to try and personally charge the commandant of the Marine Corps because someone told you that it was allowed under maritime law or whatever? Find out, on Patreon:   *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* We now have a storefront to sell the patches, buttons, and magnets that we also give out as flair for our $10 tier. Buy some sweet gear here: We have a YouTube channel now -- subscribe here and get sweet videos from us in which we yell in our cars like true veterans: You can follow the show on Twitter here: @HellOfAWay Follow Nate here: @inthesedeserts Follow Francis here: @ArmyStrang