Obi Omile Jr. of theCut


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Today, I’m talking with , the Co-Founder and CEO of , where he and his team are modernizing the barbershop experience. Before we jump into the episode, I’ve just got a quick plug for a great project I wanted to mention. Last year, Rob Walling and the MicroConf team launched the 1st annual State of Independent SaaS to give our community of more data so we can make better decisions as we grow our company. The first report was eye opening, to say the least. As of yesterday, October 6th, the survey for the 2nd annual State of Independent SaaS is live at and I just finished filling it out myself. It takes less than 10 minutes, it’s all anonymized, and your responses will help make this year’s report even more valuable. So take a few minutes to head over to and fill out the survey. Now let’s jump back into today’s episode. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, barbershops across the country were closed practically overnight. But rather than sit on the sidelines, Obi and his team adapted and actually grew their business during this challenging time. In our chat, Obi shares how theCut managed to grow in an industry struggling to stay afloat and how he’s navigated the new challenges of managing an ever-expanding team.