Opening Kickoff 6-10-21 Bill Bender on the Gridion and Dan Favale on the Hardwood


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Opening Kickoff Podcast


On this show: Dave, Payton and Brandon are back as they are joined by David Miles as they discuss: Is Giannis an exciting athlete before giving way to Sporting News' Bill Bender to discuss: College Football thinking about expanding the playoffs, does it kill the regular season, the Julio Jones trade and what it means for the Titans, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Matt Stafford and the Rams, how loaded the AFC is and more. (13:07-39:30). Finally Dan Favale of Bleacher Report joins the show as they discuss each current playoff series, the bucks leading to disappointment? the Sixers vs Suns?? what's next for the Celtics, Wizards, Blazers, Mavs, Lakers, Knicks after being bounced in the first round. (39:32-END).