Opening Kickoff 6-17-21 Sticky Business


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Opening Kickoff Podcast


On This Show: Dave and Payton take you around the Sports landscape and discuss: Aaron Rodgers, because why not right? plus the NFL and vaccinating players. (5:00-20:00). They dive into baseballs latest scandal and why the use of foreign substances is a scapegoat for MLB. (20:30-42:00). We head to the ice and break down the horrible officiating in game 2 of the Lighting-Islanders series, what can the Islanders do to knock off Tampa Bay. Also discuss whether the way the NHL does expansion teams is good or bad for the sport and whether Montreal can upset the Knights. (42:30-56:00).Finally quick NBA hits including: Chris Paul and Covid, Durant is still one of the best, all the injuries in the NBA Playoffs and which job is more appealing: the Wizards or Pelicans. (56:30-END)