Overcoming Trauma with Tim Coleman


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Generation V


Want Organic Foods and Products From Thrive Market Delivered Right To Your Door? Use The Code “generationv” At Checkout For 25% Off Your First Order   Click Here to explore the everyday magic of mushrooms from Four Sigmatic   Are past traumas leading you down a path of self-sabotage? Unprocessed negative experiences become stored in your body as emotional blockages that can prevent you from aligning with your true self. Tim Coleman is a former personal trainer who is dedicated to liberating people from the physical manifestations of their negative energy. As a therapist, health coach, and EFT practitioner, Tim helps his clients get to the root cause of their stress, finally process their trauma, and overcome the ailments that have developed as a result of emotional clutter. Today he breaks down EFT and trauma processing so that you can apply the same principles in your own life. He and Nimai discuss how you can locate and relieve your own blockages, understand your real desires, and finally get out of a cycle of triggers. Tim also explains how your diet plays a pivotal role in what’s stored in your body and why the energy you broadcast is imperative to living a happy, healthy life. You’ll hear the strategies and techniques he applies to clients that help them overcome addiction, eliminate phobias, and finally live according to who they are -- in spite of their past.    “What you’re doing is eliminating those triggers, because the triggers are what’s going to hold you back. The past emotional experiences are going to create self-sabotage.” -Tim Coleman   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast?  Tell us here!  Timestamps: 3:09 - How one personal training client created a pivot point in Tim’s life and showed him that the root cause of self-sabotage is unprocessed negative emotions 6:19 - What is EFT? How finding your body’s access points can help you blast through neural connections 11:01 - What is emotional storage? Tim explains how your feelings are being imprinted on your cells, and what that means for your life 16:37 - How breathing exercises can help you access the quantum field so your body can process negative emotions 23:36 - You have to eliminate the clutter in your emotional life. Here’s how to become more aware of your body to do it 29:23 - Are you letting emotional blockages keep you from taking positive action in your life? Here’s how to determine whether your feelings are genuine, plus techniques for getting to the root of what you want 34:51 - Trauma can be beneficial. Tim explains how to disconnect negative emotions from learning opportunities 40:16 - How to get rid of baggage holding you back in all types of relationships, find out what you’re broadcasting to the world, and break through resistance to take a self-inventory 53:46 - Is your diet affecting your emotions? Understanding the energy of different food and why people who eat meat carry more negative energy than people eating plant-based diets 1:12:13 - How the thoughts you’re putting out to the world affect everything around you and why you don’t need to wait for happiness to happen   Resources: Gary Craig What the Bleep Do We Know!? Trailer Heal Trailer E-Motion Trailer   Connect with Tim: Facebook Instagram SynergyHealthServices.com Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube VeganFitness.com Vivolife.com ThriveMarket Discount Code: generationv Builtapparel.net Discount Code: Nimai10