Pairs With Fogelson Vineyard Chardonnay and The First Tattoo


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Pairs With Life

Society & Culture

After decades of priding myself as the only musician in the world who doesn't have a tattoo, I finally decided to give in and get inked. So what's it going to be? A tramp stamp? A Samoan tribal band around my arm? A screeching bald eagle carrying a banner that reads "Peace Through Superior Firepower" across my chest? The first tattoo is a tough decision. Actually, it wasn't. I had an idea for my first tattoo that has been simmering in my brain since the 4th grade. The real question is, why did I wait so long? What held me back? Does it have anything to do with how our society views ritual and remembrance? And how come you can't bring wine to the tattoo parlor? I mean, aside from potentially bleeding all over the place? So lame. I'm also joined by Andi Wrede of the Wound Up Wino Podcast, whose wine tattoos are something glorious. One might say that Chardonnay isn't exactly a tattoo wine, but I'd beg to differ. It's hot AF outside, and the Chardonnay I'm pimping is just too freaking good. It's my new 2020 Napa Valley Chardonnay from Fogelson Vineyard. And at $23 a bottle, you're going to want to tattoo the bottle on both arms. And speaking of great tattoo ideas, all the cool kids are getting tattoos of the cover art of my book, Pairs With Life. You don't have to get that fanatical, but you may want to consider reading it...