Pairs With The Next Wave In Natural Wine


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Pairs With Life

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Strange but true, the idea of Natural Wine creates all kinds of controversy within the wine community. Some say it's a misnomer, an oxymoron, or just generally bad-tasting wine. Others say Natural Wine is a fad created just to appeal to Millennials, and that the whole notion denigrates the class, sophistication, and indeed the craft that goes into making fine wine. My guests on the podcast this week—winemakers Jack Sporer and Randy Czech—beg to differ. On the forefront of a new wave in viticulture and winemaking, these gentlemen offer up an alternative theory: that Natural Wine goes a lot deeper than what is or what's not on the wine label, or even in the bottle itself. Want to try the 2020 Sonoma County Primitivo I drink on the podcast this week? Check it out here. If you haven't purchased my book, Pairs With Life, you suck. Fortunately, you don't always have to suck. You can stop sucking and click here.